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US Beverage Net (USBN) was founded in July 2005. USBN initially focused on draft beer monitoring to improve inventory management and reduce waste and mainly targeted national chain concepts and multi-store operators. For more than ten years, the company has improved draft beer revenues within the bar and restaurant industry for its clients.

However, the company saw a need to further advance its platform, helping to address the many challenges facing bar operators of any size store, concept or location. To reflect its all-encompassing platform of services, the company was rebranded as BeerBoard in April 2016.

As part of the rebrand, BeerBoard introduced enhanced BeerBoard services for both brewers and bar operators alike. Through real-time data, compiled by a patented platform, BeerBoard helps operators track the performance of their draft category. Complimentary services help streamline operations and enhance customer engagement from single input. These include data and trend-driven analytics, integrated consumer-facing in-store displays, automated print menus and a consumer mobile application.

Claim Your Brand allows brewers to control the messaging and information of their brands and beers and have a direct connection to consumers through the BeerBoard platform. Both brand owners and bar operators will benefit from Smart Bar Insights. The solution, compiling insights from a network of 50,000 draft lines and database of 35,000+ brands, features data-driven intelligence to allow for fact-based decision making.

“We are excited to round out our BeerBoard platform and create the first end-to-end solution in the industry,” said Mark Young, BeerBoard Founder and CEO, at the time. “From brewers to outlets to consumers, everyone in the chain will benefit from this platform. Accurate and real-time data improves efficiencies, decision-making and revenues.

“As the cost of beer continues to climb, both brewers and bar operators need visibility and actionable data around the draft category. Controlling costs and updating customers in an effective manner leads to brand turnover, and, ultimately, increased profitability,” Young said.

BeerBoard monitors over 50,000 draft lines and 35,000 products through its Integrated Beer Management and Guest Display System. Installed at thousands of client locations, the company services high profile independent groups and major chain clients throughout North America, including Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters, Applebees and BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse.

The company is headquartered in Syracuse, NY, and has offices in Denver and the New York City area.